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Love Island: Jonny gives Camilla a banger in the mouth in wacky new challenge

Love Island 2017’s latest wacky challenge sees the couples test their holidaying skills.

In tonight’s show, Kem and Amber host a set of series of tasks where the current couples compete to see who would survive the best on their first couple’s holiday abroad.
All the tests have scientifically merit, probably.
In Round One, the boys must feed the girls a full English breakfast then a pint of lager while standing behind them – and things get real messy.

Love Island: The challenge

After the challenge, Gabby and Marcel are joking in the Beach Hut: “She hasn’t got that big a mouth, so we had to do it in stages,” he teases 

Love Island: Marcel and Gabby during the challenge.

Jonny and Camilla also talk about the challenge with Camilla revealing: “Jonny decided to start the challenge by forcing an entire sausage straight down my windpipe!”
In Round Two: The girls must coat their bodies in sun cream and transfer it to the boys. The most successful couples then get to the next round.

Love Island: Jonny and Camilla during the challenge.

Finally, in Round Three: Drunken karaoke. The boy has to sing the song being played to him through headphones while his other half has to guess the song and singer.
But which of the couples will win the challenge?
Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM On ITV2.

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