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Big Brother 2017: Sam Chaloner spills on his snog with Ellie Young

Sam Chaloner has spilled all to Big Brother about his kiss with Ellie Young.

The pair took just two days to end up snogging after Sam joined the house on Thursday night.

Sam and Ellie, who have both appeared on ITV2 reality show Ibiza Weekender, enjoyed a cheeky kiss on the floor of the kitchen in last night’s show.

It followed Ellie warning Sam not to mess her around like former housemate Lotan Carter.

“I’ve not come in here for you because I didn’t know you were in this show,” Sam told Ellie.

She replied: “All I’m asking is don’t f**k… do you know how many people have said I’ve been f**king f**ked with on this show by Lotan, it’s been pretty obvious.”

Sam reassured her: “I’m not going to mess you around, I’m not that type of person.”

After their snog, Sam told Ellie: “Don’t tell anyone, don’t say anything.”

However Sam wasn’t keeping so quiet.

He told Big Brother in the Diary Room of last night: “We obviously played games a bit, a few conversations went down… we had a laugh.”

“What’s so funny?” asked Big Brother.

Sam replied: “I’m not telling, it’s a secret…”

But he soon blabbed, not that the cameras had missed any of it: “Obviously me an Ellie kissed. We were just having a little conversation an then somehow my lips went onto her lips and we just kissed. It just happened. Things happen in life don’t they?”


“How did you feel once you kissed Ellie?” Big Brother then asked.

“I felt alright, yeah, it’s nice having a bit of a kiss,” he replied.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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