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Strictly Come Dancing 2017 lineup rumours: which celebrities will be dancers next series?

Could Nigel Farage be the new Ed Balls?

The latest series of Strictly Come Dancing is over, and we have our latest champion. So what the heck are we going to do with our Saturday nights from now on? How are we going to put all this leftover glitter to use? And will we ever wear this sequin-laden leotard? (Honestly, it seemed like such a good idea to buy it when we were watching Ed Balls do ‘Gangnam Style’.)

Well, the bad news is that we won’t have Strictly back on our screens for months. Months. The good news is that the rumours about which celebs will be taking part have, unbelievably, already started. It might seem way too premature for any of this, but that’s not going to stop us from speculating about who could be hitting the dance floor for the 2017 series…


Jessica Ennis-Hill

Who? Olympic athlete

What’s the rumour? Jessica’s a bit of a Team GB legend, what with her gold medal and all. And given that Greg Rutherford and Claudia Fragapane were both hits on the latest series of Strictly, we wouldn’t be surprised if bosses wanted to add to their haul of sporty folk. Jessica has already announced her retirement from athletics, so she’ll be looking for something to fill her time – and long hours of training in a dance studio could fit the bill very nicely indeed.


Danny-Boy Hatchard

Who? EastEnders star

What’s the rumour? Alright, so this one might be a wee bit tenuous but stick with us. Basically, Children In Need fans started calling for Danny-Boy – aka Lee Carter – to take part in Strictly after seeing his astonishing moves in the EastEnders cast’s performance for charity. That doesn’t seem like a massively solid foundation for a rumour, but with his exit from EastEnders imminent, producers might be listening to what viewers want – and hey, Danny-Boy could get some tips from his (former) on-screen mum Kellie Bright, couldn’t he?


Joel Dommett

Who? Comedian

What’s the rumour? We wouldn’t put too much stock in this one just yet. Joel was always going to get linked to new reality shows after his successful stint on I’m a Celebrity, which saw him finishing in the runner-up spot. He’s certainly won over the public, and now rumours have suggested Strictly bosses are after him for – and we quote – the “hunk factor”. We’re not quite sure how that nudie tape and the recent open letter from his penis would go down with Strictly‘s viewers, mind.


Tim Peake

Who? Actual astronaut

What’s the rumour? This rumour has been floating around the ether for some time (much like Tim Peake, ho ho ho). Tim was linked to Strictly before the 2016 series even kicked off, though we always knew he wouldn’t be involved in that one because he had to actually get used to gravity again (no joke).

His intensive physiotherapy and readjustment will presumably be over in time for the 2017 episodes, and given that Buzz Aldrin took on Dancing with the Stars in the US, it’s not out of the realms of possibility, especially as Tim’s apparently a Strictly fan. Given it’s been announced he’s lining up another space mission the likelihood of this has probably gone down – but get working on the moonwalk jokes now. Just in case.


Mary Berry

Who? TV chef extraordinaire

What’s the rumour? Look, we’ll level with you – this rumour all started because Mary Berry went to a Strictly live show and was spotted in the audience. Hardly a signature on a dotted line… but wouldn’t we all love it? If anything, the nation has clung Mary even closer to their hearts after her decision to stay with the BBC instead of following The Great British Bake Offto Channel 4.

The BBC is obviously going to fling show after show at her, quite rightly, and we kind of like the idea of Mary being on absolutely everything: Songs of Praise, University Challenge, Countryfile, Crimewatch, Pointless, Watchdog, Antiques Roadshow, Happy Valley… why not Strictly, eh? Why not? (Or the Beeb could really piss off Channel 4 and sign up Paul Hollywood…)


Olly Murs

Who? Popstar and former X Factor contestant

What’s the rumour? His former X Factor co-host Caroline Flack did it, so why not Olly? We know that he’s already got some pretty slick moves (you just have to watch his X Factor audition to know that), so he could actually be a very impressive Strictly contestant, right?

Olly himself has said he’s always been a fan and would quite like to do the show just to wind up Simon Cowell (ouch) and after performing on the 2016 launch show he joked: “They were trying to get me to sign a contract for next year.” We wouldn’t rule it out, frankly.


Nigel Farage

Who? Politician

What’s the rumour? Ol’ Nigel seems to have a bit of time on his hands now he’s no longer UKIP leader (or at least, wasn’t at the time of writing). He was linked to the 2016 series of I’m A Celebrity, but quickly ruled that out… though after seeing Ed Balls’s success, could he fancy giving waltzing a whirl?

In fact, while Nigel pretty quickly smacked down that Jungle speculation, when asked about Strictly he said things like he “wouldn’t rule anything out” and that classic: “Never say never.” Strap yourselves in, folks…


Who? Paralympian

What’s the rumour? Jessica isn’t the only athlete already being tipped for a Strictly stint. According to reports, Strictly recently invited medal-winning swimmer Ellie to the studios for the semi-finals, and she’s apparently a big fan of the show. We can imagine Ellie being a brilliant addition to the line-up, and producers have apparently been saying that she’s their “number one choice”. But would she say yes to an offer?


Carley Stenson Strictly rumours photoshop

Who? Former Hollyoaks star

What’s the rumour? Carley’s not just a Hollyoaks star – she also happens to be the fiancée of Strictly 2016 finalist Danny Mac! According to reports, she wants to follow in his footsteps and give the dancing thing a go… and who could blame her after she’s watched all the fun from the audience each week? Presumably Danny would be able to give her some tips, and wouldn’t it be nice to have him back supporting her each week?


Jermain Defoe

Jermain Defoe

Who? Footballer

What’s the rumour? Well, this one has come from the horse’s mouth. Jermain appeared on ITV’s Lorraine at the beginning of April and admitted he’d love the chance to take part in Strictly. He said: “I did an interview not too long ago and they asked me the question and I was like, yeah why not! I’ve always enjoyed dancing, I come from a West Indian background so you never know. So if they want me, give me a call.” Will the Beeb pick up the phone?


Jason Durr

Who? Casualty actor

What’s the rumour? Jason, who plays nurse David Hide, recently wowed Casualty fans by performing a salsa dance after Charlie and Duffy returned to Holby following their honeymoon. Afterwards, fans were encouraging him on Twitter to sign up for Strictly – and he tellingly retweeted those messages. Now, he’s given us more reason to think that hey may be a contender for the 2017 Glitterball trophy. When asked by The Sun about the possibility of him competing, he said; “It’s a massive Saturday night show, just like Casualty, so I’m sure it would be huge fun to do. You’ll have to watch this space…”


Scarlett sent fans into meltdown by posting a throwback snap of her in ballroom gear on Instagram. She captioned the pic: “Throw back Thursday to my dancing day #Latin #dance #tbt #throwback #throwbackthursday.” Is Scarlett hinting she’ll soon be slipping back into one of these sparkly numbers? Or is this much ado about nothing? Only time will tell…

Strictly Come Dancing will return to BBC One in 2017.

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