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Make Or Break cast: Meet the couples on Chanel 5's new reality show

Meet the cast of couples on Channel 5’s new reality show Make Or Break here.

Touted as a possible rival to Love Island, the show starts in August and will see a number of couples put to the ultimate relationship test.
While enjoying the sun of a luxury Mexican holiday resort, the contestants will be tested like never before as they seek to find out if their partner really is the one.
Eight couples are taking on the challenge in this first ever series…
Make Or Break couples
24-year-old Abbi a hair extension technician and 32-year-old Stephen, an events manager, from Stevenage
21-year-old student Beth and 27-year-old marketer David, from Nottingham

24-year-old Elle, a legal support worker from Manchester and 23-year-old student Andy from Nottingham
21-year-old Youtuber Ellie and 23-year-old fitness clothing company owner, from Bristol
22-year-old Holly, a support worker/ring girl for UK Fighting Championships, and 26-year-old salesperson Karl, from Blackburn
21-year-old student Jess and 23-year-old concierge Matty, from Liverpool

28-year-old stripper Nikita and 21-year-old engineering apprentice Che, from Newcastle
26-year-old bar manager Sophii and 24-year-old personal trainer Richard, from Cardiff
So what is Channel 5’s Make Or Break? all about and why are people comparing it to Love Island?
Well apart from the obvious comparisons such as the sunny location and the couples, the show will feature the contestants constantly recoupling.
Once they arrive in Mexico, the couples’ relationships are put ‘on a break’, Ross and Rachel style.
Every two days, the couples will swap partners as they take part in expert-led behaviour workshops, a series of challenges, and sex therapy sessions designed to give them a deeper knowledge of themselves and each other.
At the end of their stay in Mexico, the couples are asked to make a final decision regarding their original relationship—is it make or break?
Make Or Break cast. Top L-R: Abbi, Jess, Matty, Che, Nikita, Connor and Ellie. Middle row L-R: Richard, Sophii, Stephen, Che, Holly, Beth and David. Bottom Row L-R: Andy, Ell & Karl

“Fill your summer fix as eight couples who have come to a crossroads in their relation-ship head to a Mexican tropical paradise to see if their relationship is make or break,” Channel 5 teased about the show.
They add: “Are they with the one? Is what they have worth fighting for? Through partner swaps and trials, our experts will give the couples the tools to make better relationship decisions.”
Just like Love Island and Big Brother, Make or Break will air nightly, starting on Monday, August 7 at 10PM.
The first series will run for two weeks.
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