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Love Island 2017: Montana left in tears after row with Simon and Amber

Montana Brown is left in tears on tonight’s Love Island 2017 after it all kicks off.

There’s drama between Montana, Simon Searles and Amber Davies which begins when Simon – who is currently coupled up with Montana – flirts with Amber.
Simon says he is keeping his options open and that he feels there is a spark missing between him and Montana in terms of attraction: “The initial spark for me looks-wise and attraction is just not there. I am quite a sexual person so sexual attraction is quite important for me,”
Amber agrees, “Sexual tension is a big thing for me. Do you want to have sex with her?”
“I don’t want to rip her clothes off,” he starts, “but yours…”

Amber and Simon

Amber then goes to tell Montana about her chat with Simon: “He was like, ‘I want to keep my options open’ but he doesn’t, he doesn’t. He was praising you down to the ground but yeah he basically said, ‘I get on with Tyla as well.'”
A confused Montana replies: “I just don’t get him, he’s well hard to read but then he does really nice stuff all the time so it’s confusing. Then you saying that… Was he being suggestive?”
“That’s baffled me that. That’s weird, screw you Simon get out, this is exactly why I can’t be arsed, do you not think that’s really odd?” Montana adds.
Later, Montana and Simon finally talk about it face to face.
Simon says he would not rather be coupled up with Amber: “All I’ve said is for me, sex is an important thing so when I look at someone I want to rip their clothes off that’s important for me and I get that with Amber…
“I’ve got no interest in cracking on with Amber but alright, I said one flirty thing… I genuinely didn’t want to annoy you.”
Montana is annoyed: “How would that not annoy me, that’s my closest friend in the villa,” and Simon says that Amber asked him the question and that’s the only reason he answered, he said she said: “If you were to rip anyone’s clothes off in the villa?” Montana replies, “That’s annoyed me as well. I don’t trust her now do I.”
She continues: “Why does she say stuff like that? And now it makes me not trust her and it makes me feel like ‘why is she doing this?’”
Amber walks in and finds Montana upset.
Montana tells her: “You’ve come in and you’ve told me half the story. You’ve been telling Simon other stuff. You were like, ‘Do you want to rip my clothes off?’ and stuff like that.”
“No I didn’t, I told you the truth,” Amber screams and says she just asked if Simon wanted to rip Montana’s clothes off, “that’s all I said, I never said ‘Do you want to rip my clothes off?’”

Love Island: Amber

An argument escalates as Amber shouts: “That wouldn’t come out of my mouth. I swear to God I never said ‘Do you want to rip my clothes off?’
“Those words would not come out of my mouth in a million and one years. I wouldn’t even say that to Kem.”

Love Island: Montana

Once things are given time to cool down, Montana, Olivia, Chris, Kem and Gabby are analysing the situation.
Montana says she doesn’t know who to trust as Amber comes into the bedroom.
Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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