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Big Brother’s Isabelle Warburton feels (sort of) guilty after Lotan Cart’s exit

Isabelle Warburton has admitted feeling some guilty over Lotan Carter’s Big Brother exit.

In tonight’s show, housemates wake up after an explosive night and there is tension in the air.
In the living area, Big Brother gathers all the housemates to reveal that Lotan will not be returning to the house. Big Brother tells housemates that they must all control their own behaviour and urges them to show each other respect and tolerance and that all housemates will now face eviction this week.
In the kitchen, Isabelle tells Hannah that she’s feeling better. Hannah comments: “You just don’t have no filter!”


Isabelle says; “I don’t think I was like that! I’m so oblivious to what could be offensive.”
Later, in the garden, Isabelle is talking to Joe about Lotan: “I do feel bad, if I didn’t come in this house, he wouldn’t not be here. For some people this is a big opportunity.”
Isabelle then tells Big Brother: “I feel like quite guilty from last night, I have a constant feeling I’m a ‘d**khead’…
“I’m so confused, I don’t think what I said was that bad. I compared it to if I had sex on TV or got my tits out, obviously my dad is not going to be proud.”
Elsewhere tonight, it’s a day of apologies for the housemates.
Deborah explains to Ellie how she felt last night and apologises while Chanelle tells Tom that she’s ‘sweet with everyone’
Hannah and Charlotte talk things through and ‘agree to move forward and have a good time’


And in the bedroom, Raph and Ellie also talk openly and apologise to each other
Meanwhile, following last night’s argument, Chanelle is called to the diary room and is reminded about her behaviour in the house while Deborah is given a formal warning for her unacceptable behaviour.
Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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